Badges, Medals & Marks of Honour

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Badges, Medals & Marks of Honour

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 02, 2015 10:51 pm

A list of items characters can earn IC and wear IC and what they mean.
This list is by no means exhaustive and will be continually updated.

Pink Scale: A large and thick scale, coloured pink. Only four members of the clan wear these. They were torn from a large Stormsnout, slain on the clan's first hunt.

Stonepaw Sigil: A small crudely carved medallion of a wolf rearing over a mountain. Given by the clan Warseer to those who impress him.

Shattered Blade: A small shard of metal from a broken dagger. A simple and unassuming item, but one when worn shows that this Blood Wolf was one of the original ten members.

Ambassador's Coin: An Alliance gold coin with King Varian Wrynn's face desecrated. A Horde symbol is carved onto his face and a hole has been punched through the top to allow the coin to be worn as a pendant. This is gifted to a Blood Wolf who has shown rare diplomatic skills.

The Watchful: A small stone carved into the shape of an eye. This is given to Wolves who prove themselves keen of eye, who have perhaps spotted enemy spies or who have put a bullet through the eye of an enemy from 500 yards!

The Blood Dagger: A tiny metal dagger, too small to be of much use. It is ornate and clearly ceremonial. Given to the Wolf in charge of conducting the Blood Rituals.

The Barrens Campaign Award: A small glass vial full of sand from the Barrens. Given to those Wolves who fought the Alliance and the Kor'Kron in the first Barrens Campaign.

The Tactician's Map: A small scrap of parchment, torn from an ancient map and varnished to preserve it. This parchment is pressed into a small bronze frame and is awarded to Wolves who show tactical insights and intelligence.

Foe's Eye: A grisly trophy consisting of an actual eye torn from a fallen enemy. Gifted to only the most alert off the Clan to signify how their watchfulness has aided the Clan.

Blood Wolf Carving: The symbol of the Blood Wolf crudely carved onto a weapon, piece of armour or other item, sometimes takes the form of a ritual scar or tattoo on skin. This signfies the bearer to have committed a great or impressive act in battle.

Mind's Eye: A metal, runic eye given to a Blood Wolf whose magical abilities have greatly aided the Clan.

Shamanstone Shard: A small chunk of rock, feels warm to the touch. Only three Wolves hold these stones which represent having taken part in a spirit-quest to aid the trolls of the Painted Skulls.


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