(OOC) Friends, Foes & Diplomacy

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(OOC) Friends, Foes & Diplomacy

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 02, 2015 10:51 pm


 The Alliance: To be killed on sight! Kill them once, then leave them alone. Unless they gank you, or are ganking a fellow player, in which case gank the living shit out of them right back.

The Shatterskull Marauders: Us and the Marauders have a lot of history - some good some bad! Be nice and they'll be nice back.

The Red Blade: We are on unsteady, but neutral terms with these Orcs. After reaching an agreement, these men and women are now our allies again, but watch your back. The bad blood still boils. Hold your ground, and take no crap or they'll take advantage.

The Flying Bolts: This band of mainly Goblins have been pivotal in the Clan acquiring and renewing allies. They're a funny bunch, and sometimes there's the odd catch. Be wary, but be friendly and accommodating.  

The Painted Skulls: These trolls were lied to about the Clan and were led to believe we were all a raving bunch of cowards and traitors. Recent events have shown them the error of their beliefs and while the links between Clan and the Skulls are fresh they are currently good. Be nice!

Second Gurubashi Empire
These Trolls were some of the first to ally themselves to the Clans side. Not part of the Horde, they hold the jungle of Stranglethorn with an iron fist. This is an alliance of convenience. Be sure to respect them and their jungle territory, or we will be sure to quickly turn into a target.

Any other Horde RP guild:[/] Be nice to people OOC! We are outcasts IC, but we're a big and important part of the Horde RP community OOC and you're all ambassadors of how awesome this guild is. Act accordingly!

General behaviour in the World of Warcraft: Please avoid trolling public channels. Please avoid being an arsehole to anyone - you have our guild tag under your name and could get us a bad reputation. Please avoid swearing in public channels and also, please don't advertise the guild in any public channels.
By public channels I mean /general, /trade and anything similar and also channels for particular guilds and groups such as /LFRP, /HordeRP etc etc.

General behaviour in Guild: No homophobia, no sexism, no racism. Of course, we're all grown ups and our conversations often veer to the filthy and the controversial but PLEASE be aware of your audience and please try to keep a little bit calmer before 21:00 game time. I won't enforce a watershed, but just be aware.
If I, or another officer, ask you privately to tone it down, please do so and please don't take offence.
If you have a problem with something someone has said, screenshot it and show an officer.

No bullying - anyone who bullies anyone consistently will be /gkicked.

No using /g to argue and bicker angrily. Take it to whispers, don't bring all of us down with you!

If you feel offended, victimised, or otherwise upset about someone's behaviour within the guild - take screenshots and speak to an officer.
Use of /ignore of each other within the guild is heavily discouraged. If you feel like you have to put someone on /ignore, again, please speak to an officer.


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