What the Ranks Mean OOC

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What the Ranks Mean OOC

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As an Unblooded you will be watched by the other clan members to see if you are worthy of joining the family. You will be expected to follow orders, show loyalty and courage and fight fiercely. You will also be expected to share your opinions and argue your point.
For those who are non-combatants then their loyalty and usefulness can be gauged in other ways.

Once an Unblooded is considered to have proven themselves they will be sent on their Blood Hunt. This Hunt involves the slaying of a worthy foe; be it a great beast or mighty enemy.
The Hunt can either be RP'd out properly, provided at least one other Blood Wolf Clan member accompanies you IC or it can be submitted in the form of a short story on the forums.

Once the Hunt is completed the Unblooded will undertake a brief but symbolic ritual. Their blood will be shed and cast onto a fire, symbolising their joining the Clan fully.
Once this is complete they are promoted to Blooded.

The Blooded are the mainstay of the Clan. They are the Blood Wolves who can be relied upon both in and out of battle.
As a Blooded your opinion will be respected and listened to and actively sought after.

A Blooded who shows particular skills in a certain field can be inducted into the ranks of the Clan's Blades or Keepers.

Clan Blade
The Blades are the Clan's combat veterans. Drawn from any and all classes they are intended to show leadership on the field of battle.

Blades are permitted to interview and accept potential Blood Wolves into the Clan but are unable to confirm them as Unblooded until an Alpha or the Warseer is present.

Clan Keeper
Exactly equal in rank to the Clan Blades are the Keepers. The Keepers are Blood Wolves with a particular talent in a certain non-combat field. These Keepers are intended to show leadership off the battlefield and keep the Clan functioning and whole. Their focuses include diplomacy, spying, healing, cooking, blacksmithing etc etc.

Keepers are also permitted to interview and accept potential Blood Wolves into the Clan but are unable to confirm them as Unblooded until an Alpha or the Warseer is present.

The Elders are ex-officers who are given a position as advisors. Due to injury, request, retirement or long absence the Clan's top tier is fairly fluid. An officer who finds him or herself no longer in a position of authority receives this rank to honour their service. The Clan's Elders hold no leadership rights but their advice is considered highly useful.

Only by proving oneself repeatedly does a Blood Wolf attain the rank of Alpha. The Alphas lead the Clan and to reach such a rank much time must pass and many sacrifices must be made.
There can only be three Alphas in existence at any one time.

The overall head of the Clan, especially in spiritual matters. The Warseer makes the decisions but can be overruled by all three Alphas.

Things to Bear in Mind
The Blood Wolf Clan is fairly anarchic - every member's opinion is considered and listened. Often decisions are put to the Clan before they are made, and only rarely do the hierarchy of the Clan act without consultation.
Ranks are rarely referred to or used to show dominance. An Unblooded is free to call an Alpha or even the Warseer by their personal names and is also free to argue with them.
However, on the field of battle or other times when decisions must be made instantly this may result in a swift backhand of justice!


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