Ranks in the Clan

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Ranks in the Clan

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Warseer: The clan Chieftain. The Warseer has the final say in the Clan's decisions and is the spiritual and ritual head of the Clan.

Alpha: The Clan's war-leaders. The Alphas leads the Clan in battle and their decisions are second only to the Warseer's.

Elder: Ex Clan officers. The ranks of the Clan are fairly loose and fluid and those who once held officer rank but no longer do are given a seperate rank of honour. Their official rank is at the level of Clan Blade or Keeper but they primarily serve as advisors.

Clan Blade: A veteran on the field of battle. They have the responsibility to train, manage, lead and counsel the rest of the clan in the art of war. They are honored as equals to Clan Keepers.

Clan KeeperA veteran of wisdom, diplomacy and profession. They have the responsibility to keep the clan ticking, whether it be in terms of supplies, cooking, crafting or diplomatic relations and intelligence. They are honored as equal to Clan Blades.

Blooded: The rank and file of the clan, those who have shared their blood in the Blood Ritual and have conducted their ritual hunt.

Unblooded: Someone looking to join the clan but who has not yet proven themselves.


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