How to Join The Blood Wolf Clan

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How to Join The Blood Wolf Clan

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 02, 2015 11:54 pm

1) Fill in the application form. This is the preferred method and is a great way to flesh out your character and really sell yourself! We all love reading application forms and it never takes longer than a day for an officer to reply to one.
A successful application form will result in an in-game In Character interview. These interviews are painless and are simply to give a justification for you joining us (as a note - application forms are not considered to exist In Character!) and also for us to make sure you're not insane.

Generally speaking, 99% of applicants will be pushed to fill in a form because they truly are the best way for us to get to know each other.

However, for the remaining 1% there is a second method...

2) Turn up and ask! This will only work if you're known to more than a couple of the guild members currently online and they vouch for you.

And also, to make this a lovely triple:

3) Alts of members will be invited upon request to anyone of Warsmith or above. Alts will be placed at 'OOC'er' rank and left there until the player decides they want to RP that character and asks for an IC interview.
No application forms are required for recruiting alts of current members.

If you have any questions, please speak to an officer!


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