Money, Gold & Loot

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Money, Gold & Loot

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 02, 2015 10:48 pm

Every raid, skirmish or battle results in money earned for the Clan. The Clan survives and thrives on whatever it can steal from its enemies.

All Blood Wolves of any rank are permitted to loot dead enemies - their bodies, their homes, their wagons, etc etc. Each Wolf can keep however much loot they can phsyically carry without encumbering themselves to the point they are no use on the battlefield.

All loot left over will be collected and added to the Clan's coffers. The contents of these coffers are used to pay for the food, water, clothes, repairs and ammunition that are vital to the Clan.
Most of the contents of the coffers are to be saved, just in case the Clan needs to pay ransoms or buy anything in an emergency.

All Clan members can ask for an advance from the coffers, this can be done twice before any more requests will be declined. Whatever is borrowed from the coffers is taken from any loot the Wolf in question takes in the future.

All Blood Wolves are instructed to fully loot the battlefield - not just for gold and gems but for food, armour, weapons and anything that may be useful or could be sold.


For reference:

1 gold coin is enough for someone to pay for a week's worth of food and drink and to keep a roof over their head. Therefore, a single gold coin is a significant amount of money.

Most cash transactions take place in silver or copper coins. Very roughly, 10 silver coins are 1 gold coin and 10 copper coins are 1 silver.

The cost of an ale in a pub is roughly 5 copper, a good meal 1 silver, a decent sword perhaps 10 - 15 gold.


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