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Clan Laws - IC

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  • There is no such thing as a civilian. All sentient beings can fight and should fight, the fact that the Alliance claim the majority of their population as civilians is simply a sign of weakness.
  • While the Clan refuses to believe civilians are real there is no honour or benefit in the slaying of children. Child-slayers will be punished for bringing dishonour on the Clan.
  • Use any means necessary to achieve victory - within reason. Dishonourable tactics are to be used as a last resort.
  • Respect other Clan members. If you object to the behaviour of a Clan member then challenge them to an Honour Duel or complain to a senior.
  • You may object to, or question orders but you must use common sense - delaying in battle by questioning an order could be fatal.
  • No violence is to be permitted between Blood Wolves, unless it is an Honour Duel.
  • Violence against a fellow Blood Wolf (excluding Honour Duels) will be punished.
  • The winner of an Honour Duel is the last contender able to stand. Killing or crippling your opponent is strongly discouraged.
  • Punishments include flogging, beatings, laps or latrine duty.
  • Sexual assaults, including on the Clan's enemies, will be punished by castration.
  • Unprovoked violence against other members of the Horde will be punished severely. The Clan can not afford more diplomatic incidents of this kind.
  • There is no 'uniform' to wear, nor are tabards a requirement.
  • Three Alphas voting unanimously outranks the Warseer.
  • Never let your weapons or tools overcome you! Necromancy, arcane magic and fel magic are accepted by the Clan as an effective weapon against the Horde's foes but the Clan will not hesitate to slay any of their own who are overcome by darkness.
  • The hozen 'Death Jesters' are to be treated like any other Blood Wolves and are not to be murdered, eaten, abused or otherwise harmed.
  • Demons are a weapon to be used and are permitted to be summoned as long as doing so does not endanger the Blood Wolves or their allies.


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