Largur's application

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Largur's application

Post by Largur on Sun Aug 09, 2015 4:08 pm

IC part:
Now, before you read forgive the lack of direct anwsers to the form, for I have lost it while traveling. I do recall the questions, so I will try to anwser them as much as I can.
My name is Largur and I'm a Sunwalker. I've lived all my life In Thunderbluff, in a family of hunters, however I did not accept my father's legacy, I had a dream, a vision even,
I saw myself as a strange glowing bird, flying over the familiar mountains of Mulgore and then beyond, spreading the light over the darkness that has covered the world. That's when I understood that An'she was calling me, to spread the light and aid those in distress. I've left my home, to never come back again and devoted my childhood to the Sun. Now, as my age turns 32, I feel that I'm ready to begin my righteous journey. I want to join Blood Wolf Clan to spread the An'she's light wherever we go!
I'm a strong Tauren and with my training in heavy armor I'll be the wall of protection for my brothers! I will fight till my last breath to protect those in need. An'she has blessed me with her power, allowing me to heal wounds and cleanse souls.
I feel that An'she wants me to be a part of your clan, no matter what other think or say about it, I've had a vision of a wounded wolf, rejected by the pack basking in a ray of light, there can be no mistake, this is my calling.
My greatest feat is my devotion to my order, I've left behind all of my heritage to become a Sunwalker, and I'm proud of it.
As any Tauren would, I respect any kind of life, for life is the greatest of gifts of Mother Earth! I will avoid sensless bloodshed, but if there is no other option I will strike with all my might!
I am prepeared to follow any order, no matter how difficult it is, as long as the cause is just!
Now, to anwser your prisoner dilemma, I would certainly try save my brother and others first! No matter if some foes flee, for their cowardice is their punishment.

OCC part:

1) Where did you hear about us?
Wardens of Azeroth, I'm a part of that guild with my Alliance chars.

2) What are you interests? Just roleplay? PVP? PVE?
I think I'll roleplay mostly and maybe run some dungeons or a battleground once in a while.

3) Where are you from?
(so forgive my occasional typos and bad grammar Razz)

4) Do you have any roleplay experience?
Yes, I've played a few "sessions" + some tabletop RPGs. Also I'm a Warden of Azeroth!

5) Do you have any alts we might have met in the roleplay community?


6) What race / class / level is the character you are joining us on?

Tauren Pally, lvl 64 (probably going to level up to atleast 70 some time soon)


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Re: Largur's application

Post by Ashruk on Sun Aug 16, 2015 4:13 pm

Sounds good, sorry about the late reply. Just contact someone in the guild and they can direct you to a officer or you can contact me in game and we'll go through a IC interview.

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