Kil'thunk's Applicaiton

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Kil'thunk's Applicaiton

Post by Kil'thunk on Sun Jun 28, 2015 12:02 pm

In-Character Questionnaire:

1) What is your name? Kil'thunk Battlemaw the battleborn blood letter.

2) Tell us a little about yourself? How old are you? Where are you from? I was born just south-east of Mor'shan, cutting my teeth on Quilboar and Centaurs. I was orphaned at birth, Father died serving the horde and mother died defending against Centaur raiders. A scare from the left cheek down across the lips and across my chest remains where I was cut from my mother's womb, raised in Orgrimmar's orphanage I was often subject to taunts for being a scared runt out of the children there, after beating a rival half to death with fists flying in a blind rage, I was thrown out of the orphanage to find for myself in the city. A warrior respected the rage and strength in me, the bravery and confidence in myself and took me in as much as any warrior could to train me. coming of age I returned back to my home and butchered as many centaur as I could muster for revenge and some would think it was out of enjoyment and furthered my training of warfare with duel axes at hand. Due to the circumstances I was born, rage and hatred boils within me and naturally made me fit to be a warrior and a berserker as my father was before me. I am now 30 years old and can be found wandering around between the horde capitals working even if indirectly with the horde mainly for gold and resources while remaining to myself in the wilds I grew up in.

3) What skills can you bring the Blood Wolf Clan? We have no time to look after those too weak to help - can you fight? Heal? I am a Bezerker Warrior, I use my rage to fell my foes on the battlefield and even while injured I refuse to leave the battle till I am the only one standing... and those I hold my loyalty to.

4) We were outcasts from Horde society, and yet we have always remained loyal to the Horde. Many of us are outlaws. What brings you to our side? A personal vendetta has kept me from the society as a whole, killing the centuar where ever they may be till there is none left. Most view me as an obsessive and unsafe orc, not fit to reside in Orgrimmar nor sane to serve in her army, the bloody acts I have performed to the centaur have made me an outcast of my people.

5) We are at war with the Alliance but are disliked by many within the Horde. Are you prepared to live this lifestyle of constant war and few friends? All my life I have lived alone, fending for myself, My life is a constant and endless war... This is second nature to me.

6) Tell us of your greatest feat yet. What mighty foes have you slain? What great deeds have you done? I have over a thousand honorable kills under my belt, and have made the killing strike on 20 alliance dogs in one battle and have tested my steel against at leave one of ever race and class of the alliance.. sure there will be plenty more in the future to boast about.

7) We are outcasts and yet we are a clan. We are loyal to one another, regardless of race or profession. Are you capable of fighting alongside all the races of the Horde? We all Bleed the same, I could care less if it is a goblin at my side or a walking corpse be they male or female.

8 ) We are family but we have a hierarchy. You must obey orders from those higher than yourself. Are you prepared to follow orders? Untill I am able to elevate myself to said rank or higher then yes. within honorable reason.

9) While you must follow orders, we have no interest in mindless drones. Are you capable of thinking for yourself? Have been for 30 years, it won't change now.

10) A question regarding your determination and honour, or lack thereof. A fellow member of the clan has been taken prisoner by one of our many foes; he has been tortured and will soon be killed.
Your orders are to rescue him or get vengeance for the insult of his capture, or both.
He is being held in an enemy village, guarded by soldiers ready to slit his throat at a moment's notice and also full of civilians.
What do you do? Charging in headfirst normally works fine but tactics for this would seem a more logical approach, a distraction, fires or even calling out their commanding officer(s) out as a stake in honor may do, take off the head of the snake and it will slowly die, or take out a head of a hydra and draw the others enraged out to the slaughter if there are others along with me. And if, for some unlikely reason, the member can not be rescued alive, burn the hold to the ground kindled by the bodies of our foe, letting the women and children escape unless otherwise ordered. Let them grow old with hate and rage and let them come for their revenge.

Out-Of-Character Section:

1) Where did you hear about us? Asked for active RP guilds in chat and this guild was suggested.

2) What are you interests? Just roleplay? PVP? PVE? RP-PVP

3) Where are you from? Truthfully from America, normally on during late nights/early mornings to play with my danish girl.

4) Do you have any roleplay experience? I have roleplayed on a variety of platforms since the early 2000s

5) Do you have any alts we might have met in the roleplay community? Doubtful, my lvl 100 is on a different PvE server and my panda on argent dawn isn't very social.

6) What race / class / level is the character you are joining us on? Orc Fury Warrior level 37 as of this application submission.


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Re: Kil'thunk's Applicaiton

Post by Tobemory on Sun Jun 28, 2015 1:55 pm

Looks good to me. Poke someone ingame and we can arrange an interview

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