Xunmok's application

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Xunmok's application

Post by Ryzus on Thu May 21, 2015 11:16 pm

1. Xunmok
2. I be a 20 year old troll shaman from sen'jin village.
3. I have some skill in using elemental magic to fight but I'm better at healing da injured
4. I've been looking for friends and allies ever since my mentor back in sen'jin died. I met some clanmembers and this clan seems to suit me well.
5. I certainly am
6. I have not slain many enemies  but I have healed many injured and helped others in assaulting enemy strongholds
7. Yes
8. Of course
9. I be a logical thinker and can think for myself
10. I would try cause a thunder storm and summon a fire elemental to distract da guards. While they are distracted I'll run in and rescue da clan member

1. From some guild members doing roleplay in orgrimmar
2. I'm mostly interested in roleplaying but I also like pvp and pve
3. Sweden
4. I've roleplayed on another character before and I have some experience roleplaying
5. I have roleplayed before but that was on alliance on another server so probably not
6. Troll shaman, level 42 (still leveling)


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Re: Xunmok's application

Post by Grim on Fri May 22, 2015 6:17 am

Thank you for your application - nudge one of us online for an IC interview

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