Application: Nograx Blackspine

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Application: Nograx Blackspine

Post by Nograx Blackspine on Sun May 17, 2015 10:23 pm

1.)Name: Nograx Blackspine

2.) About Nograx: Nograx is an Orc of the Dragonmaw clan. He looks younger then he actually is, due to some recent developments. (Which you may find out IC). He was Born on Draenor, went through the dark portal and fought in the second war and it's aftermath. A long road of hardship and bad decissions brought him to the current Horde.

3.) Skills: Nograx is a fighter. A Dragontamer and -Rider. He has a Protodrake to call his own and is skilled in the ways of the Elemental fires and Earth and unearthed in his lifetime some secrets from the Dragons, his clan tried to dominate. He is also capable of basic medical operations and is capable of many methods of warfare.

4.) Why am I joining?: Nograx, as a Dragonmaw, is an outlaw and a somewhat questionable person in itself. Not to mention that his marriage with a Sin'Dorei isnt quite fitting with most more "traditional" forces of the Horde.

5.) Am I prepared to live rough?: This Orc has been at war for many years. As he would say. "Bring it ye runt."

6.) Greatest Deed: Killing Diederich von Northcliffe, slaying multiple dragons, taking part in the second war, the war against the lich king, the claiming of the Twilight Highlands, fighting around Pandaria and Domination point in Aerial Combat and the Assault on the Dark Portal. during the Iron horde Invasion.

7.) Capable of fighting other Races of the Horde?: I have an Elf as a wife... of course I am.

8.) Regarding Hierachy: Been fightin in military my whole life. Of course I am.

9.) Thinking for himelf: Nograx has been ad odds with his superios in the military and the Red Blades. He is capable of adapting to situations an takes charge frequently, when nobody else is capable of it. He is also quite sneaky.

10:) I'f I would be on my own I'd try to sneak into the place, cause a fire and a commotion and try to get said member out, while causing as much damage as I can. If I cant get into the village? I got a drake... so burn the feckers...

OOC Section

1:) I have been Rping with some of your guys for a while on my Orc (nograx) or my Troll (Bwim'toru)

2.) I am generally a RP enthusiast. I raid though regularly on Tues, Thurs an Sundays and PvP in the mean time.

3.) Germany

4.) I have been roleplaying since... 1 and half a year now. Think I am fairly adapt in it.

5.) Bwim'Toru, my troll, and Nograx Blackspine, the Orc that is applying here.

6.) Orc/Warrior/100

Nograx Blackspine

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Re: Application: Nograx Blackspine

Post by Grim on Sun May 17, 2015 10:25 pm

Great! Nudge one of us in game for an IC interview!

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