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Post by Evaliyn on Sun May 17, 2015 10:15 pm

In-Character Questionnaire:

1) What is your name? Evaliyn Blackspine

2) Tell us a little about yourself? How old are you? Where are you from? Originally from Silvermoon, as embarassing as that is... I'm pushing 151 so I'm pretty young.
I'm married to a dragonmaw orc, and I rather enjoy a drink. By that I mean I enjoy getting completly shitfaced

3) What skills can you bring the Blood Wolf Clan? We have no time to look after those too weak to help - can you fight? Heal? I have exceptional what you may call "rogue" or "sneak" style skills. There is seldom lock I cannot pick, and I am an amazing thief. I'm learning to use a bow, and fight hand to hand unarmed.

4) We are outcasts from Horde society, and yet we are loyal to the Horde. Many of us are outlaws. What brings you to our side? I am a thief by nature and as such have to keep a low profile, I don't think the horde authorities would appreciate my past exploits, however, I still wish to be part of something amazing.

5) We are at war with the Alliance and we are hunted by many within the Horde. Are you prepared to live rough, in the wilderness? Yes, I have no issues with this and spent many years on the road myself.

6) Tell us of your greatest feat yet. What mighty foes have you slain? What great deeds have you done? I participated in the war against the Alliance in Redridge and Northrend when I was part of the Shatterskull marauders and Flying Bolts. I also stole a sheep but my friend Tantzui lost it..

7) We are outcasts and yet we are a clan. We are loyal to one another, regardless of race or profession. Are you capable of fighting alongside all the races of the Horde? I married an orc.. Yes.

8 ) We are family but we have a hierarchy. You must obey orders from those higher than yourself. Are you prepared to follow orders? Aye sir! I practiced my salute while working for Moneyfix.

9) While you must follow orders, we have no interest in mindless drones. Are you capable of thinking for yourself? If I think you have given me an order that is a pile of shit, I will tell you so.

10) A question regarding your determination and honour, or lack thereof. A fellow member of the clan has been taken prisoner by one of our many foes; he has been tortured and will soon be killed.
Your orders are to rescue him or get vengeance for the insult of his capture, or both.
He is being held in an enemy village, guarded by soldiers ready to slit his throat at a moment's notice and also full of civilians.
What do you do?
Sneak in in stealth, since, this is what I am awesome at. Incapacitate, or kill the guards if able to draw a lot of attention, pick the loch, grab the prisoner and fucking run! And if I can grab a bottle of beer on the way, even better!

Out-Of-Character Section:

1) Where did you hear about us? RPd with you guys for ages.

2) What are you interests? Just roleplay? PVP? PVE? RP mostly, but I do like casual pvping during the day. Often I raid, but my current raiding guild isnt that good, so my raid times may change in the future.

3) Where are you from? England

4) Do you have any roleplay experience? Over a year on DB

5) Do you have any alts we might have met in the roleplay community? Jahna my troll in the painted skulls.

6) What race / class / level is the character you are joining us on? Blood elf, rogue, 100. I am changing her IC class slightly so may join with a hunter of the same character.


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Re: Application

Post by Grim on Sun May 17, 2015 10:16 pm

Yes Jahna, get inside us.

Nudge one of us for an IC interview!

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