Application: Aesogg Tuskbleed

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Application: Aesogg Tuskbleed

Post by Aesogg on Sat May 16, 2015 4:15 pm

1/2) What is your name? Tell us a little about yourself? How old are you? Where are you from?

I am not far over fifty years old, born Aesogg Tuskbleed of the Blackrock Clan. Growing up within a settlement in Northern Gorgrond.

3) What skills can you bring the Blood Wolf Clan? We have no time to look after those too weak to help - can you fight? Heal?

Being a skilled worker of hide and metal, I bring the promise of supply to the Clan. Weapons, armour, harness', construction and engineering at your disposal. My training as a worker of hide and metal would be largely in vain if I were not trained to wield what I create.

4) We are outcasts from Horde society, and yet we are loyal to the Horde. Many of us are outlaws. What brings you to our side?

I came through the Great Portal to invade Azeroth those thirty-years ago, meeting the Alliance in combat. Supplies were thin, but we workers of metal and hide got us by with what we had, supplying the entire force. After the force broke away by Warchief Blackhand's command, I followed our leaders over seas to Kalimdor.

We settled there, in Durotar and The Barrens. For a while, but as always the supplies and what we could take from the land grew thin. The Alliance have grown cocky, hiding in their forests to the North. Their lands hold rich supplies, with the Horde force on Draenor the Alliance can muster again, getting back off their feet from their losses over the past five years.

I have always been a chosen lone shaper of metal and hide, atleast with the Blood Wolves I can continue that while standing against the Alliance more directly than the Horde are currently and certainly since the Rebellion.

5) We are at war with the Alliance and we are hunted by many within the Horde. Are you prepared to live rough, in the wilderness?

As I answered previously, I am used to effectively using what we have available to us to survive and prosper. I am prepared.

6) Tell us of your greatest feat yet. What mighty foes have you slain? What great deeds have you done?

Being one of many who were challenged to supply the Horde's war efforts with advances in engineering, weaponry and construction I consider being challenged by this and coming out confident of my ability and skills a long-going great feat.

7) We are outcasts and yet we are a clan. We are loyal to one another, regardless of race or profession. Are you capable of fighting alongside all the races of the Horde?

I am, but I will not fight alongside the Alliance.

8 ) We are family but we have a hierarchy. You must obey orders from those higher than yourself. Are you prepared to follow orders?

It is part of me now, to follow those who were born to lead. My service to the Horde has weaved between many leaders, I will deliver by the word of others.

9) While you must follow orders, we have no interest in mindless drones. Are you capable of thinking for yourself?

Mindless drone? Bah. What use is a member of the Horde against the Alliance if they blindly wander into making foolish mistakes. Every decision is to be thought upon.

10) A question regarding your determination and honour, or lack thereof. A fellow member of the clan has been taken prisoner by one of our many foes; he has been tortured and will soon be killed.
Your orders are to rescue him or get vengeance for the insult of his capture, or both.
He is being held in an enemy village, guarded by soldiers ready to slit his throat at a moment's notice and also full of civilians.
What do you do?

Assuming I am working alone, I wouldn't be so foolish as to go in from the main gate. However considering most settlements focus their defences on the main gate it is certainly something I would use to divert the attention of sentries away from me entering a different way should things go wrong. I am confident in the use of engineered distractions.

My build isn't built for sneaking around a camp, but hopefully with the cover of night I can get to a position close enough to our captured fellow. If I am noticed, I will only engage if they are armed or have the intention of engaging in combat with me. There is a reason they are keeping the fellow member of the clan alive, and so in hope I can use that against the camps defences. Drawing out un-suspecting defenders until only a small group is left between me and our fellow. Process of elimination. Judging I get this far and our clan member is free, I would arm them and ready them for the escape through the same way. Implementing the distractions placed at either the main gate or away from the exit we are using.

If I were acting in a group however, my role would be to supply others with the means for efficient extraction. Manning possible distractions, ensuring equipment is of the higher quality.


1) Where did you hear about us?

I have long been a part of The Venture Co and I heard alot of the Bloodwolf Clan after the duel between Thrakha and Grim.

2) What are you interests? Just roleplay? PVP? PVE?

RP and Lore. Every week I do three Lore Q&A's and a few recorded lore sessions, this is something I could also perhaps bring to the Bloodwolf Clan? Can discuss this at a different stage though. RP and Lore.

3) Where are you from?


4) Do you have any roleplay experience?

Ten years of RP experience in WoW, alot of officering. Before this and partially during it alot of pen and paper RP.

5) Do you have any alts we might have met in the roleplay community?

Yes! My name is Carmtan, leader of the Wardens of Azeroth on Alliance side. I am looking to do some more RP on Horde Smile

6) What race / class / level is the character you are joining us on?

Orc, level 96 (still levelling) and Warrior.

I look forward to hearing a possible response and if you want some further reading I have a short story here about Aesogg:

Aesogg tightened the harness on the creature, hanging a small loop attached to a hide strip from it's main bulk of carefully assembled rugged leather. Moments later an Orc's foot settled nicely into the loop and without hesitation the rider darted away from site.

"It is not the role of a worker of hide and metal to fit the harness' of the raiders." Came a familiar voice from behind as Aesogg's eyes followed the worg rider out of the inner grounds.

"I stitched that harness. I know where my place is, old friend." Aesogg replied, slowly turning towards the voice, as if his stare was being pulled away from the rider.

The other Orc let out a single guffaw. "Ha. Perhaps if you spent less time fitting harness' and more time on my axe I would have ogre blood on it's edge now." He continued.

"The axe will be ready when it's ready, we are not standing in one of our northern workshops - supply is scarce. You will spill blood with the axe soon, mark my word." Aesogg grunted and hurled himself away.

It was not until the next day that the riders had returned, bringing spoils of their victory over ogres that failed to be reasoned or subdued. The spoils would be spread out evenly between the riders.

Later that day one of the riders approached Aesogg as he was sharpening a wooden spike and setting it aside.

"You work with metal?" the Orc asked.

"And hides." Aesogg replied.

"This axe was fractured against an ogres horn, reforge it so that I may slay more tomorrow." The orc insisted. Aesogg examined the axe, but he could tell it's metal from it's smell, let alone it's blackened colouring.

"Reforging this axe will require blackrock metal." Aesogg grunted, going back to sharpening his spike. Seconds later the orc tossed down a sack with a loud clunk.

"I took this off an ogre yesterday. It's from one of our caravans, it was attacked and the supply was stolen. Here it is. Take the leftover as payment." the Orc nodded and grunted. Aesogg's eyes widened as he took some of the blackened bars from the sack and placed them on a heating mould, pushing it so it would rest inside of the crystalline walled forge. Working with blackrock metal was a great pleasure of his, it's strength was un-heard of something of it's malleability and easy to sharpen. Aesogg remained at the forge that night, slaving away to the heat.

The two orcs awaited outside of the crystalline forge for Aesogg the next morning, anticipating the reason for which he called them there. It was not long before the doors swept aside with many clanks and metallic grinding sounds, when Aesogg emerged holding two very basic axes in his hands. The Orcs eyed the weapons up and down and both seemed to widen their eyes at the sight of the item crafted into the base of the axe shaft.

An ogre's horn.

- Call it a flavour text perhaps. The jist I was trying to portray was that Aesogg was a member of the Blackrock clan and within that served the role as a craftsman, or my preferred way of calling it a 'worker of hide and metal'. He is a fairly old Orc, being just over fifty years of age and although his items are not renowned for their slaying of mighty enemies for the Orc's he engages with a small surrounding group that know him for his use of out-of the ordinary and intricate designs in weaponry and other wares.

Since the opening of the Dark Portal and the wars that have came and passed Aesogg has been proudly presenting the use of his crafting to the Orcs and the Horde and even taking up arms in fights for freedom and their survival. However he longs to belong again, not just to the Horde but to something more even within them - giving the use of his skills to fight back the effects of the Cataclysm. Bringing honour to his name, his people and the Horde.


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Re: Application: Aesogg Tuskbleed

Post by Grim on Sat May 16, 2015 4:26 pm

Looks grand! Nudge me, or another Wolf in game for an IC interview

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