The Story of the Blood Wolves

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The Story of the Blood Wolves

Post by Grim on Fri Apr 03, 2015 11:34 pm

Part 1, The Northern Rebellion

The elderly tauren smiled and made himself comfortable. "Let me tell you how the Blood Wolf Clan came about...

It was that failure, Garrosh Hellscream, indirectly anyway. Now young one, do not mistake me here. I do not claim that the mighty Warchief himself had a conscious knowledge of the Blood Wolves, far from it. They were nothing to him.
But... It was his actions that were the catalyst for our Clan forming.

Hellscream's actions kickstarted the Darkspear Rebellion. Yes... His Kor'Kron watched with their evil, beady eyes over all who may have posed a threat. Including the mercenary warband the Shatterskull Marauders.
This warband did not know which way to turn... To fight alongside their lawful Warchief or to fight against him as he was clearly insane.
Eventually, their Chieftain, a female orc named Thrakha Ironsong, elected to side with the Rebellion, to fight against her Warchief. The Marauders followed her orders, including her second in command, an orc named Grim Stonepaw.

Well you know his name young one, and of course. He was our Warseer and our first Chieftain, but this tale is not his alone. Far from it!

Grim went missing. He led a patrol out, which clashed with a Kor'Kron force. Grim fell, off a cliff and into the sea, his hands clenched around the Kor'Kron commander's throat, and was presumed dead.

The Rebellion grew more powerful, more brave warriors joined its ranks.The Marauders grew to be an important part of the Northern Rebellion, with several of their number advising Bloodmark, the General of this small army.
As you well know peace was declared between the Rebellion and the Alliance. A peace that disgusted many but was grudgingly obeyed.

Word reached the ears of the Marauders that perhaps Grim was not as dead as had first been believed. Word reached their ears that the night elves held him prisoner.
Deciding that the truth was more important than the truce the Marauders struck, slaying many of the night elves in their search for Grim.
They found him, chained to a wall and close to death. They rescued him and took him back to the Northern Rebellion.

He awoke, eventually. Beside him sat Oragg, his friend and erstwhile protector.
Oragg told him of the peace treaty, and Grim grew angered. He refused to abide by it, believing the Alliance to be a greater and more deadly enemy than Hellscream and his Kor'Kron, and Oragg agreed.
Together, they stood and announced they would have no part in this. They resigned their places within the Shatterskull Marauders and went to leave, to forge their own path!

However... They were stopped. They were arrested and imprisoned for inciting dissent.

On top of this, the Marauders who advised the General were removed from their positions as punishment for breaking the truce. These two things - the imprisonment and the sackings did nothing but encourage whispers of more dissent...

These dissenters freed Oragg and Grim, and together they left.

They announced their own faction; naming it the Shattered Blades. Many Marauders joined them, displeased with the tyrannical leadership of the Northern Rebellion and displeased with the truce with the Alliance.

These Shattered Blades were our true forebears young one. They lived a hard and brutal life, sleeping rough and raiding the Alliance and the Kor'Kron. They were declared outlaw by the Rebellion too, and were hunted like animals. But they refused to shed the blood of the Rebellion and avoided them at all costs.

These Shattered Blades included many names you know and revere... Grim Stonepaw, Oragg, Sakarah Mistrunner, Galexan the Deathbringer, Kathyikas the Bloodletter, Doctor Danroth Bastlig, Curahee the Healer...

Eventually Grim challenged his former Chieftain, Thrakha Ironsong, to single combat. The winner would decide the fate of the Marauders. Grim, if he won, would have them break the truce, Thrakha, if she won would banish Grim and keep the truce.

Their blades flashed in the light, blood spilled onto the dusty floor of the Barrens, but Thrakha emerged victorious.

Grim was exiled, his Blades were offered amnesty and a pardon for their treason. All declined.

All followed Grim into permanent exile. The Death Jesters, hozen auxiliaries in the service of the Shatterskull Marauders also followed Grim.

These Shattered Blades formed the Blood Wolf Clan."

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Re: The Story of the Blood Wolves

Post by Grim on Fri Apr 03, 2015 11:46 pm

Part 2, The Skyway

"The Blood Wolf Clan raised its banner for the first time in Vendetta Camp, overlooking the still smouldering ruins of Taurajo...

A fitting place indeed young one."

The elderly tauren shifted position, looking distressed.

"That place... I miss it still.

Hrmmph. Well, they flew their banner and a motley collection of other outcasts flocked to it.

More names from history young one, more names you know and respect. Brugg Wildslam, Umeme, Tobemory Paleale, Sca'fon, Taz'Gulu, Zan'fe, Roed Stonepaw and far more. The honour roll is endless!

Under this banner the Blood Wolves raided the Alliance and the Kor'Kron. Slaughtering them before disappearing into the wilds.
But, the Rebellion grew stronger and pushed towards Orgrimmar, then held by Hellscream and his minions.

The Blood Wolves knew that Hellscream had to be defeated, but they knew the Northern Rebellion would refuse their aid.
They made a plan to deal with this.

Orgrimmar's Skyway, it's arterial link. Food, water, supplies, all had to be transported to and through the Skyway.
The Wolves disguised themselves as Kor'Kron, with the non-orcs disguising themselves as prisoners. They snuck into Orgrimmar and revealed themselves!
They slaughtered their way to the Skyway, massacred the Kor'Kron holding it and then fortified their position.

Messengers were sent to the Northern Rebellion, informing them that in exchange for a truce and a revocation of their outlaw status they would be allowed free access to the Skyway.
The deal was agreed upon, and together the Rebellion, the Alliance and the Blood Wolves took the city.

Many died in this war. Orgrimmar ran red with blood. Of all the casualties the Blood Wolves suffered, the death of Doctor Danroth Bastlig hit them the hardest. He was Forsaken, but he had honour and he died defending the Clan.

Hellscream was defeated by noble adventurers and what remained of his Kor'Kron were mopped up... Not wanting to slay any more orcs the Blood Wolves opted to leave.
They handed the Skyway to the Northern Rebellion and prepared to leave, satisfied that they would be let go in peace.

It was not to be.

One of the greatest dishonours ever heaped upon this mighty Clan occured. The Northern Rebellion went back on its word, laughed in the faces of the Blood Wolves and again, hunted them like animals, disregarding the Skyway agreement.

Taking this in their stride the Wolves left for a life of glory and honour!"

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Re: The Story of the Blood Wolves

Post by Grim on Sat Apr 04, 2015 3:17 pm

Part 3, Defeat

"Not all of our Clan's history is glorious young ones. Some is foolish, some is disastrous."

The venerable tauren grimaced.

"After the Wolves left the Skyway we travelled to Northrend. The Blood Wolf itself had informed us of a foe there, a foe we needed to crush.
Of course, we listened and obeyed.

I will not speak long of this era, as it was a confusing one...

We Wolves raided the Alliance forces left in Northrend. We became the terror of their nights, slaughtering their patrols, assassinating their sentries! We howled like wolves as we hunted them down.

But, they were smarter than we gave them credit for. The Alliance commander fortified a position and tricked us into assaulting it. We took heavy casualties and were forced to retreat.
We retreated into the forests of the Grizzly Hills where a second Alliance force awaited us."

The elderly tauren frowns.

"We were massacred.

We scattered and melted into the wilderness individually.

For several months we scratched a living, barely surviving. But, Grim survived and he called to us through the spirit world and we few survivors regathered and escaped Northrend."

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Re: The Story of the Blood Wolves

Post by Grim on Sat Apr 04, 2015 3:37 pm

Part 4, Friends & Allies

"Are you ready to hear more young one? Of course you are!

The surviving Wolves wandered Azeroth, forming small fortified camps and leaving guards behind to hold them. Such camps exist still, in Mulgore, in the Barrens and in the Swamp of Sorrows. Our numbers grew, surpassing our previous strength before Northrend.

The Blood Wolves waged a private war against the Alliance. They rarely sought contact with the Horde, still being reviled by many of the cowards who had betrayed them.
Many Alliance settlements were burnt, many Alliance soldiers slain.

Those were good times young one. Reputations were formed and honour earned.

But... The Wolves grew lonely. They remembered those they had fought beside, those they had respected and honoured. Overtures were made to the Horde Gathering, overtures which were rebuffed, often violently.

However, not all was lost.

Some within the Horde remembered the sacrifices the Wolves had made in the Siege of Orgrimmar. Moneyfix, Trinix and Grogglefutz of the Flying Bolts, Tarak, Hikka and Himo of the Shatterskull Marauders...
These noble souls worked from within the Horde Gathering, working towards pardoning the Wolves.

This was slow going, with many entrenched within the Gathering hating the Wolves and their wild ways.

During these times the Wolves encountered the trolls of the Gurubashi Empire within Strangelthorn Vale and a twisted friendship, of sorts, was formed.
The dark rituals these trolls performed and the Wolves took part in still disgust me now, as they disgusted me back then... But the times were hard and we had to survive."

The elderly tauren draws a deep breath, shuddering slightly.

"They were dark times I suppose, and needs must. Or so Grim told us, and so we told ourselves.

The Empire and the Wolves fought together against the Alliance. Together they threw an expeditionary force out of the jungle and chased it deep into Alliance lands, butchering many Alliance soldiers.

It was now that the Wolves discovered and undercurrent of friendship within the people of the Horde.
Distressed by the Alliance growing ever bolder and by the cessation of support from the Horde, the orcs of the Swamp of Sorrows swore friendship to the Blood Wolves.
They took what was known as the 'Blood Pact' and fought for our interests, offering us help and support whenever required.

This occurred just in time as the evil gnomish spymaster, Helmut Spoon had recruited an Alliance regiment known as the Wild Tempest, to crush the Wolves.
Many skirmishes were fought between the Wolves, the Blood Pact and Wild Tempest. Much blood was spilled and a deep, bitter hatred grew between the opposing forces.

Then a great change happened. The Gathering agreed to discuss allowing the Wolves back in its ranks.
Grim met with Tarak of the Marauders, Moneyfix of the Flying Bolts and Bloodmark of the Red Blade.
A deal was struck that allowed the Wolves to be pardoned. In exchange for a promise to avoid working against the Gathering the Wolves were allowed to fight alongside it once more.

A brief time of relative peace ensued... Very brief..."

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Re: The Story of the Blood Wolves

Post by Grim on Sun Apr 05, 2015 9:31 pm

Part 5, Ironbreakers

The elderly tauren laughed happily. "Now for the best of times!

The friendship between the Wolves and the Gathering fell to pieces. Again, through treachery.
It has ever been a great irony affecting our Clan young ones. Our history is littered with accusations of treachery and treason, and yet it is always us who are betrayed...

Hrmm. No matter. Trying times make us stronger.

The Dark Portal changed from green to red. Brown-skinned orcs poured through it in a tidal wave of anger and war - they attacked the Horde and the Alliance both.
This was the Iron Horde.

The Horde Gathering raised its banners and called a meeting. Bloodmark declared himself General once more and ordered the Gathering to fall in line.

The Blood Wolves shook their heads and declined. They refused to serve beneath the orc that had betrayed them on the Skyway of Orgrimmar. They left the Gathering on peaceful terms, swearing not to work against it but refusing to serve it.

Thinking nothing of this, the Wolves readied their weapons and prepared to aid the Horde war effort against the Iron Horde invaders.

And then the Gathering fell apart.

Outraged by the self-declaration of the Gathering's General the Flying Bolts and the Shatterskull Marauders left it.
They found us Wolves in Bogpaddle, in the Swamp of Sorrows. They asked for our help.

Grim refused to aid them directly, but informed them they could elect to fight beside us should they wish, on a purely informal basis.

This enraged those that remained within the Gathering. Accusations of treachery were thrown at the Wolves, accusations of them breaking the terms of their re-acceptance to the Gathering.
False accusations!

Angered and more than a little saddened by this, Grim and the Wolves declared the formation of the Ironbreaker Council. A collective of equals, governed by consent.
The Ironbreaker Council was formed, consisting of the Blood Wolves, the Shatterskull Marauders, the Flying Bolts, the Gurubashi Empire and the Warsong Blades.

Together the Ironbreakers were too strong for the Gathering to move against directly!

The Ironbreaker Council moved into the Blasted Lands to confront the Iron Horde invaders.

You will no doubt have heard the glorious tales of this war. The Ironbreakers proved crucial in the war effort, suffering huge casualties but battling the Iron Horde with strength and honour.

When Khadgar called for volunteers from both the Horde and the Alliance to assault the Dark Portal in a suicide mission to close it on the other side the Ironbreakers volunteered en masse.
The Gurubashi Empire refused to leave their homeworld however, but agreed to defend the Portal on Azeroth, just in case the Ironbreakers were able to return.

The Ironbreakers and Gathering put aside their differences and formed a great plan. The Gathering would aid the main assault, while the Ironbreakers would attack from the rear.

The attack was brutal. Dozens fell in battle but the mission succeeded...

Through the Dark Portal the Blood Wolves found themselves alone, surrounded by the Iron Horde and in a strange, unknown land.

Carnage ensued. More Wolves fell, never to rise again.

In the chaos and anarchy of this battle the Clan was sundered. Each surviving Wolf escaped as best they could, alone or in small groups.

The elderly tauren sighed. This was the toughest time we faced."

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Re: The Story of the Blood Wolves

Post by Grim on Mon May 18, 2015 2:54 pm

The venerable tauren storyteller cleared his throat and continued his tale.

"Draenor was tough. The Clan was scattered and slow to reform. A few hardy Blood Wolves gathered in Frostfire, huddled behind the walls of a small fortress. This fortress was commanded by a newly joined Blood Wolf known as Jarilo Stronghoof - new to the Clan but old in war and given command of this small fortress by the Horde.

Gradually more Wolves filtered back, finding their way to this snow-blasted garrison. Eventually Sakarah Mistrunner found her way there, and took charge of the surviving Wolves.

A semblance of normality descended upon them, but they merely survived, not thrived."

The tauren sighed miserably.

"We were on the verge of starvation, surviving on dry rations and whatever we could pillage or hunt. Our Warseer was missing and it seemed the heart had gone out of the Clan...

But, he was found. Grim was found unconscious and badly wounded in the wilds of Frostfire. The Clan rejoiced and dragged him back to their fortress.
He awoke days later, suffering from amnesia and not recognising his own Clan. Ashamed and angered by this he fled alone back to the wilds, leaving Sakarah Mistrunner to pick up the pieces once more.

Weeks passed, and eventually he returned to the Clan. His memory was back, though patchy and he resumed command.

The reformed Clan set forth into warmer climes. Much reduced in numbers it resorted to avoiding direct conflict and scavenging for supplies.

At around this time, in Gorgrond the Wolves bumped into a tribe of trolls known as the Painted Skulls. Firm friendships were made almost instantly, and the two groups travelled together for many months.

Together they explored Draenor, fighting the Alliance and the Iron Horde wherever they found them.

It was not long before the Wolves began seeing visions of death and despair. These dreams were translated as being premonitions given them by the Blood Wolf itself. Premonitions of the Blood Wolf's death and the chaos that would follow this.

Energised by this the Wolves and their friends searched far and wide for evidence of where the Blood Wolf may be... This took them from one end of Draenor to the other, from the Spires of Arrak to the demonically besieged spires of Shattrath.

They succeeded in locating the Blood Wolf, on an island off the coast of Nagrand. The Wolves and the Skulls combined forces and assaulted the Iron Horde defenders of this island! A mighty battle took place, with the Skulls engaging the defenders to distract them and the Wolves hacking their way through to the island's centre.

At the centre of the island they found their patron, the Blood Wolf. The mighty spirit beast lay bound by elemental chains, its essence being drained by Iron Horde shamans and renegade goblin engineers.

The Wolves attacked, vanquishing the foe. The Blood Wolf would not recover, wounded too badly.
Suddenly seeing the path forward, Troxigar ended the Blood Wolf's life - much to the shock of the other Blood Wolves.

Later, visions showed that Troxigar had been right... The Blood Wolf needed to be slain to enable it to rise again!
Pleased with the actions of the Clan the Blood Wolf gifted them with knowledge of a magical artifact and instructed them to find it.

Shortly afterwards the Horde Gatherings began once more, but this time the Wolves were given a place of honour at them.

Still suffering from low numbers the Wolves heeded the Warchief's call and travelled home to Azeroth to resupply..."

The storyteller smiled. "Another chapter in the history of the Clan. As you well know more great adventures followed, but those are tales for another time."

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Re: The Story of the Blood Wolves

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