The Death Jesters

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The Death Jesters

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 02, 2015 10:52 pm

The Death Jesters are a group of around 30 Hozen warriors who Grim trained in the Jade Forest, Pandaria, before recruiting them into the Shatterskull Marauders.

Their loyalty was always to Grim before the Marauders, and when Grim left the warband and formed the Blood Wolf Clan they came with him.

They are led by Braxter, known as the Arch-Hozen. He holds the honourary rank of Specialist within the Clan.
This is Braxter:

The Jesters are ferocious, savage, silly and lazy.

They need to be bossed around, or they often end up sleeping on duty. They are also thieves!

If a Jester steals something belonging to you, you have permission to threaten, bully and intimidate him into giving it back.

The Jesters are used as guards, sentries, workers and in rare cases will fight alongside the Clan.

The inclusion of these Hozen into the Clan gives us a valuable source of NPCs to add comedy to our roleplay.

It also means us, the players, don't have to do the boring jobs in-character. We don't have to stand guard, keep an eye out for enemies or carry things around. The Jesters will do it for us!


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